Women Beach Basket Camp is an initiative born to fuel the passion and love that many girls and girls have for basketball.

This appointment is devoted to Under 14, Under 13 and Debutants, classes 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.
We wanted to take this adventure to give girls the opportunity to play basketball for a whole week followed by competent and prepared coaches and coaches, but above all to give them the opportunity to be in direct contact with A-class players who will accompany them to all week sharing them workouts and games of all kinds.
At the base of this adventure there is a deep friendship that has long been ours for us, the passion and the common love for this sport, the desire to teach girls that sport is beautiful, that sacrifice and work are repayed always, that the relationships of friendship that are created within the sport will remain throughout life and will always enrich you.

We want to be an example and help to the girls in the hope of being able to convey them our dedication and the immense respect we nourish for the crowned ball and those around us.

Our Camp aims to match the intense and thorough technical work done on the fields, a fun vacation in a beautiful beach hotel, giving its members a unique experience, full of memorable emotions and allowing them to play many other fun and fun activities engaging.

This and more are at the base of the Women Beach Basket Camp.
We look forward to numerous.

Valentina Fabbri